Recreate classic video games yourself with this Unity 2D Game Developer training

3D gaming seems to grab all the headlines these days, but don't think that 2D games are down for the count. In fact, Unity, the world's most popular game engine, still has a dedicated arena for helping game creators fashion more 2D games than any other game technology around.

Even though 3D commands a lion's share of attention in the game development realm, there are still major advantages to learning and building cool 2D games. And with the tutorials in The Unity 2D Game Developer Bundle, users can get all the training needed to learn the basics of game creation as well as start crafting games using Unity that players of all levels can enjoy.

But before you dive headfirst into Unity, the tutelage begins with How to Make Games with GameMaker Studio 2 Using GML. This course primarily boosts a user's overall game development skills by focusing on using GameMaker language programming. Here, students learn code snippets that can then be modified and converted for use in their own games.

But most students learn best by doing, so with the initial groundwork laid, the next 10 courses are each fashioned to expand those skills by building 10 specific game types in Unity.

If your memory stretches back to the earliest days of home gaming, then courses Unity 2D Projects: Pong and Unity 2D Projects: Space Attackers will sound like a cool blast from the past. These courses outline how to replicate the old-school classic Atari style games like Pong and Space Invaders, then reimagine them with Unity.

As the courses advance, so do your skill sets, as you create a simple, addictive battle game with Unity 2D Projects: Rocket Defender; a Mario-style 2D platformer in Unity 2D Projects: Super Plumbers; and a multiplayer game where players control toads competing to eat as most fireflies in Unity 2D Projects: Toads and Fireflies.

From there, the creation continues with a puzzle-oriented platformer where you explore and unlock color-coded doors (Develop a Puzzle Platformer Game); a simple and intuitive plane shooting game (Unity 2D Projects: Plane in the River); and even a Tile-Based Math Game Project that increases the player's math ability and teaches them to problem-solve under pressure.

It's the perfect introduction to game creation as users end up with a handful of cool retro-style games that they created. A nearly $2,200 package of courses, you can get the entire 11-course collection now for less than $4 each, only $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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