Need a Chromebook? Here are 25 models from HP, Dell, Samsung, and more at up to 40% off

At first, they were seen as little more than cute, slimmed-down laptops. But the Chromebook has grown up over the years, stepping up to the point now where a solid Chromebook is often on par with some of the better laptops on the market.

A prime portable device making major inroads in areas like education, Chromebooks have graduated well beyond their reputation as only good for checking Gmail or web surfing. And when you factor in their value next to the price of something like a $1,299 MacBook Air, the utility and cost-efficiency of a Chromebook are making these mini-powerhouses essential items for many savvy tech users.

Right now, you can get in on the Chromebook craze for yourself by checking out this assortment of refurbished Chromebook models from some of the elite manufacturers, each at savings up to 40 percent off.

In the interests of full transparency, each of these units has been professionally assessed, restored, and rejuvenated back to the same pep and power it had when it rolled off the assembly line. 

In many of these cases, you can choose between renewed models, which have been cleaned, fixed, and restored to like-new status; or Grade B models, which have been professionally refurbished, but do can show some signs of wear like scratches, faint screen blemishes, pressure marks, dents or broken plastics. But if it saves you an extra $30 to $35, what's a tiny scratch or dent to your thrilled kid or do your new dedicated work device?


The Acer C720P was once deemed the "king of the budget Chromebooks" by CNET, packed with features like an 11.6-inch 1,366×768-pixel touch-enabled display, an Intel Celeron processor, and up to 7.5 hours of battery life, all in a package that weighs less than 3 pounds.

Or you can step up to the CB5-311, sporting an even larger 13.3-inch HD display. Powered by an NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip, it's a slim, lightweight Chromebook that moves with a lot of speed, as well as a battery capable of serving up power for up to 14 hours on a single charge.


With an impressively compact body, this is a Chromebook that proves computing on the go can be simple, intuitive, hassle-free and fun. ASUS even engineered in a hidden screen hinge to give the whole package a sleeker look as well. But if you're interested in entertainment, the C200 comes loaded with powerful high-quality stereo speakers, fully connectivity with up to ultra-fast 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, and even an HDMI-out port if you want to connect to a home TV or other larger display.


From course tasks to full multi-tasking, the Dell 3120 brings the goods behind its multicore Intel processor. Booting up in under 10 seconds for quick, easy cloud access, this Chromebook may weigh under 3 lbs., but it's built to survive as the MIL-STD (U.S. Military Standard) tested frame is built for durability, pressure, temperature, humidity, and vibration with even a rubberized LCD and base trim that absorbs shock to live through drops that could end other devices.

Meanwhile, the Dell CB1C13 can do double duty as both a home or business computer. The Dual-Core processor works with up to 4GB of memory to serve up a speed users can appreciate to handle both heavy business use environments or web browsing, online shopping, email-composing rigors of home life.


Fronted by an 11.6-inch HD anti-glare LED-backlit display, the V2W29UT has an Intel Celeron2.16 GHz processor with Intel HD graphics and 2 GB of memory under the hood to assure lag-free viewing. In addition to the 3 cell lithium polymer battery providing up to 9 and a half hours of run time, it's also got an HP TrueVision HD webcam and an integrated mic to handle all your video conferencing needs from virtually any location.


Whether you go with a Samsung Chromebook Series 5 or Series 3 model, you still get a quality mobile device with the power of a laptop in a much tighter frame. It starts in seconds, has virus protection built-in, and runs top Google apps plus thousands more. The dual-core processor delivers exceptional performance and battery life in an ultra-slim package that weighs under 2.5 lbs. And unlike traditional laptops, there's no fan or moving parts involved here, which means it stays cooler on your lap and runs so quietly you barely know it's on.


Lenovo has been on the Chromebook beat since the beginning, so from an N21 to an N22 to an N23 through to an 11E, they all adhere to their Lenovo model of quality performance coupled with ultra-rugged survivability in the real world. These Lenovo models are particularly well suited for students, including access to all the needed on-the-go learning apps and functions, while still engineered to hold up to the punishment of student life.

Prices are subject to change.