Cybourgeoise face band

Eyewear company Mykita (not the drills) also makes unusual facial jewelry such as this metal nose band, offered in platinum, silver, graphite and gold for $255 and up.

Handcrafted from stainless steel, STUDIO 11.1 in Platinum is a facial jewellery concept from the MYKITA STUDIO collection. The headpiece is designed to be worn in a variety of ways around and across the face.

I've seen it described as "cyberpunk" but it strikes me that it's not what cyberpunks would wear. It's what the rich people living in cyberpunk dystopias would wear. Hic sumus.

P.S. Note that "classic" cyber-shades [Amazon] are now widely available for peanuts. The ones you'll find on Amazon, etc., are specifically knockoffs of Maison Marghiela L'incognitos, a surprisingly recent (2008-ish) variant on the theme that now fetch big sums on eBay. None, to my eye, quite capture the Doc Brown magic.