Memrise has a unique take on teaching you a foreign language

When you decide to sign on to learning a new language, you're not doing it so you can learn how to conjugate verbs in Spanish. You're learning it so if you go to Mexico or run into a Spanish speaker, you'll be able to converse and understand what's happening around. 

Dull classroom recitations and boring exercises can teach you components of a new language, but they're no substitute for how much you pick up from just meeting someone and trying to communicate with all these new words and phrases.

Memrise knows what got you interested in acquiring a new language in the first place. So to get you to language proficiency, they've created a three-step approach to learning another language the same way you probably learned English — naturally.

With a Memrise subscription, you can choose to train up in any of their 22 languages, including staples like Spanish, French and German to more exotic tongues like Japanese, Turkish or Polish.

Unlike language learning apps that emphasize textbook learning, Memrise zigs where those others zag, offering an enjoyable, effective method of learning. And their method has loads of fans, accounting for more than 50 million users in almost 190 countries over the past decade.

Your three-step approach starts with a deep dive into the heart of any language: its words. Memrise's in-house linguists pack their courses with thousands of video clips of native speakers in their hometowns speaking their native language. As users watch the videos, they not only get a feel for the individual voice and accent of the speaker, but also take in the scenery and get a sense of the culture where the language was born.

Next, Memrise mixes in tech and science to challenge you with exercises that immediately push you to use your new words and phrases in a variety of real-world situations that drive the learning home.

Finally, no learning ever happens if you aren't having fun. Therefore, Memrise turns language learning into almost a game, letting students set daily goals, learning reminders and even join leaderboards so they can compete against other learners. The fear of defeat is a great, low-stakes motivator that can spur on any user to reach their full potential.

With a glowing review from CNET as well as a Google Play best app award, you can take full advantage of the popular Memrise Language Learning system now at almost 30 percent off the regular price, just $99.99 for a lifetime subscription.

Prices are subject to change.

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