$1m judgment against NYPD cop who barged into house and yelled racial slurs

Michael Reynolds, then a NYPD officer, headed to Nashville for a bachelor party in 2018. While there he got drunk, got lost, then broke into a house near his Airbnb and began yelling racist slurs at the people who lived there: "Try to shoot me, I'll break every bone in your fucking neck, you fucking n—–". He was convicted of assault and trespass last year, spent two weeks in jail, and is now subject to a $1m judgement he must pay to his victims.

Only one institution still had his back: he was not fired by the NYPD. Instead he resigned at his leisure nearly two years after the incident, after the force finally initiated disciplinary procedures.

Judge Eli Richardson approved a $1 million civil judgment is in favor of Halliburton, which includes damages, attorney's fees, and interest.

"Ms. Halliburton promised from the beginning that she would hold ex-Officer Reynolds fully accountable for his criminal misconduct and obtain justice for her family regarding this despicable incident," said Nashville attorney Daniel A. Horwitz, who represented Halliburton. "We are certainly pleased with this development, but we also aren't finished here."