Save over 25% on these 100% organic and biodegradable hair ties

When the history of Earth is ultimately told by aliens or time travelers or whoever stumbles across what's left of our planet a millennia from now, these beings will need to understand what a hair tie is and why it was created…because it's guaranteed they find them everywhere during their study.

Today, hair ties are literally everywhere. Everywhere. They're at the bottom of your bag, under the seat of your car, left on counters, discarded in gutters…everywhere. Even if you're a guy with a crewcut, someone has undoubtedly left a hair tie in your home at some point, so you have one.

Millions of hair ties, most made of synthetic rubber and polyester, are manufactured each year. And while we've established many end up in every conceivable location, most will ultimately end up in a landfill, where due to their plastic nature, they'll take a jaw-dropping 500 years to break down and decompose. 

Terra Ties want to make sure a mountainous landscape of discarded plastic hair ties isn't the world we leave to our future generations. To combat that menace, they've created environmentally-friendly, ecologically-minded hair ties that are 100 percent biodegradable. Crafted entirely from natural rubber and organic cotton, this pack of 27 organic hair ties won't make you paranoid about dumping more plastic into our environment. They're even colored using natural dyes and packaged in 100 percent recycled materials, proving Terra Ties commitment to an entirely eco-first product.

Of course, even with all their civic responsibility, Terra Ties never forget their primary job of holding long hair together. These ties are softer and thicker than standard plastic hair ties, so they're more durable as well. 

Terra Ties can make sure your final far-flung future legacy won't be your army of discarded hair ties. Right now, a pack of 27 Terra Ties are over 25 percent off their regular price, only $10.99 while this deal lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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