"The Lary King Encyclopedic Guide to Adult Video Cassette Movies" is an amazing 1984 document

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Hi, everyone, welcome back to the show. This week focuses on an independently produced book from 1984. Title is "Lary King's Encyclopedic Guide to Adult Video Cassette Movies" and it is a wonderful surviving snapshot of adult movies from that era. Incidentally, 1984 is the stated end of The Golden Age of Porn and the titles included, which contain films from 1960-1984, don't disappoint. Porn at its best is very clever. This is from the time adult movies were scripted, filmed (not videotaped), and these movies contained some of the funniest titles imaginable.

So, in 1983, an archivist by the name of Lary King (not Larry King! we hope) endeavored to list every single one of these film titles available on VHS and LaserDisc. There are no pictures in the book, highlighting the value and insane delights of the titles themselves, naked and alone. The surviving rare book shows the variety of content from that era, and also speaks to the manageable amount of films themselves. Back in 1984, you could reasonable see EVERY American adult film in existence. Heck, it all fit in a snug 300 page book.

We're happy to share the first half of film titles with an audiobook component for Side A, where a computer will read you every title, A through L. The second half of titles will post next week, as the computer got pretty exhausted. Side B continues the Charlie Pickle story with part eleven: Morrie Treemont.

SPOKEN WORD WITH ELECTRONICS #29: "Lary King's 1984 Guide to Adult Video Cassette Movies"

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Thanks and have a good week, Ethan