Live long and prosper with these Vulcan salute mittens

What a great way to express "Live long and prosper." These warm wool Vulcan salute mittens are the work of Etsy crafter Jennifer Symons and are already sold out (but her handknit Spock cardigan isn't).

And did you know that the Vulcan salute has Jewish origins? Leonard Nimoy was the son of Orthodox Jewish immigrants from Ukraine and brought some of his heritage to his Mr. Spock role in Star Trek.

The hand sign is done during the performance of the blessing by the Kohanim, who stand at the front of the sanctuary and bless the congregation. Historically, this was done daily in the Holy Temple, when it stood in Jerusalem. "You needed the Kohanim and their officiating to be able to fulfill certain Jewish practices," Rabbi Morrison explained, adding, "Now, the blessing is done 'symbolically' by the Kohanim daily in Israel, and outside, during festivals." (The words in the blessing itself are part of the daily prayers, but the sign we know as the Vulcan salute is only done when the Kohanim are called upon to stand before the congregation and recite them.


image via StorySweaters