Sammy Davis Jr.'s Tonight Show love song to a city

Frank Sinatra sang for New York and twice for Chicago, Tony Bennett crooned for San Francisco but it wasn't until 1984 that Detroit had any kind of high-profiler singing an anthem about it. "Hello, Detroit" was co-written by Motown founder Berry Gordy.

Though it was very popular in the Motor City it didn't exactly ignite a national following, but became a major hit in Belgium of all places.

In this clip on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, listen for Sammy mispronouncing "Belle Isle" which is an island park accessible by bridge in the Detroit River. He apologizes for the gaffe once he moves over to sit with Johnny and Ed McMahon.

"Mr. Bojangles" written and sung by Jerry Jeff Walker in 1968, who just passed away from throat cancer on October 23, was covered and popularized by Sammy. "The Candy Man" is probably the song Davis, Jr. is best known for. However, if you haven't heard "Hello, Detroit" give it a listen and root for the resilient underdog.