These wireless earbuds deliver high-quality sound in a tiny package

"The smaller the headphone, the more meticulously built it has to be. The Freedom+ is pure precision." – CES 2020 Innovation Awards

Earbuds come and go. But when your earbuds attract awards from the hyper-vigilant gatekeepers of CES, you've clearly gone above and beyond the norm. That's how those industry mainstays are judging the Freedom+ True Wireless Earbuds from Naztech, billed as the world's smallest high-performance truly wireless earbuds. 

At barely an inch long and weighing about a quarter of an ounce, Naztech will basically have to create surgically implanted earphones if they want to get much smaller than the Freedom+.  At that size, they're practically like not wearing earbuds at all, remaining comfortably in place without a hint of a wire or any other entanglement.

The size is an obvious plus, but that tiny package is still only there in service to great audio performance. Engineered with custom drivers, the Freedom+ earbuds offer impeccable acoustic reproduction, whether users are enjoying every crisp, shimmering high and bass-rumbling low of their music or the crystal clarity of a phone call.

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, users get easy pairing and a solid signal connection to stream the best possible wireless sound. They also feature intuitive touch controls as well as a noise-canceling mic to offer a fully customizable and precise listening experience.

If the size has you worried about battery life, the Freedom+ can more than stand up to the field, offering up to five hours of play on a single charge. Then once you factor in the included charging case, you can actually get up to a full 25 hours before the case needs a recharge as well.

Thankfully, when that moment comes, you'll also be ready with the Naztech wireless charging pad that's also included as part of this package. 

The Freedom+ True Wireless Earbuds, the charging case and the wireless charging pad would normally set you back $89, but with this package price, you can save over 25 percent, lowering the final price to just $64.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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