Trump rally attendees nearly freeze to death after being left in the cold

Nebraska has only one swing elector up for grabs, but Trump paid a visit last night to woo the faithful—then leave them stranded in the icy airfield where his rally was held. A number of freezing supporters required medical treatment and at least seven were hospitalized.

While the available buses were navigating the narrow, heavily-impacted roads, attendees were at risk of freezing in the cold. Officers in police cars drove some individuals back nearly four miles to the lot where their cars were parked, Sanderford reported.

At least seven people per Omaha Scanner, a local police tracker — were reported by airport medics as being transported to a nearby hospital. Others, officers allegedly said per the scanner, were showing signs of hypothermia, including fatigue and confusion.

"President Trump took off in Air Force One 1 hr 20 minutes ago," wrote CNN senior correspondent Jeff Zeleny, "but thousands of his supporters remain stranded on a dark road outside the rally. 'We need at least 30 more buses,' an Omaha police officer just said, shaking his head at the chaotic cluster that is unfolding."

What could be more Trumpian than bussing in supporters, then leaving them to make their own way home in the cold?