85% of gay people are possessed by ghosts, according to "spiritual research."

PinkNews shared a report this week to a since-removed article from the "Spiritual Science Research Foundation," citing a statistic from "spiritual research" (read: their own "about page") claiming that 85% of homosexuals are in fact possessed by ghosts.

From the web.archive version of the site:

The main reason behind the gay orientation of some men is that they are possessed by female ghosts. It is the female ghost in them that is attracted to other men. Conversely the attraction to females experienced by some lesbians is due to the presence of male ghosts in them. The ghost's consciousness overpowers the person's normal behaviour to produce the homosexual attraction. Spiritual research has shown that the cause for homosexual preferences lie predominantly in the spiritual realm.

• Physical causes (5%): Due to hormonal changes.

• Psychological causes (10%): Having an experience with a person of the same sex as a teenager or young adult that was pleasurable and therefore wanting to experience it again.

• Spiritual causes (85%): Mainly ghosts.

Homosexuality can be overcome by regular spiritual practice as per the 6 basic principles. SSRF suggests some simple steps.

Seems legit.

Other recent "research" from the SSRF has indicated that coronavirus is similarly caused by negative energies, and the crisis will culminate with World War III. The 2% of climate change caused by man (according to SSRF research) is also related to these spirits.

Completely legitimate scientific study claims 85% of gay people are possessed by ghosts [Josh Milton / Pink News]

Image: Public Domain via PxHere