How to play 1-dimensional Chess

Doctor Popular created a variant of Chess, called 1D Chess. You can download the rules and different board layouts here.

1D Chess is a fun, innovative chess variant played on a single row of 16 squares. Each player begins with one of each piece and must take their opponent's king to win. The rules are intuitive for new and expert players alike, but offer a refreshing twist on the classic game of chess.

But it's not just a novelty game! Doc Pop's One-Dimensional Chess is rich with strategy and surprises. By reducing it down to just one-dimension, beginners and intermediate players will often have an easier time thinking a few moves ahead. Advanced players will get a kick out of the novel new strategies each game requires to win.

This game is available as a free PDF download you can Print and Play at home. It's designed to work with normal sized chess pieces, but some cut-out chess pieces are included in the printout if you don't have existing pieces handy.