At least 6 sharks have washed up on shores with swordfish swords stabbed through their heads

The New York Times reports:

Since [September 2016] at least six more sharks have washed up on Mediterranean coasts, each impaled with the same murder weapon, and almost always in the head. In the latest example, an adult 15-foot thresher shark — itself equipped with a whiplike tail capable of stunning blows — washed up in Libya. Inside was a foot of swordfish sword that had broken off near its heart.

Taken together these cases offer what may be preliminary scientific evidence of high-speed, high-stakes underwater duels that had previously been confined to fisherman's tales.

The first rule of Fish Fight Club is: you don't talk about the Fish Fight Club.

Sharks Wash Up on Beaches, Stabbed by Swordfish [Joshua Sokol / New York Times]

Image: Public Domain via Pexels and Public Domain Pictures