"Happy" is Danny Elfman's first solo song in 36 years and it'll give you chills

Move over Pharrell Williams, there's a new "Happy" in town and it's creepy AF. That's no surprise given its creator, master of macabre music Danny Elfman. Post-Oingo Boingo Elfman has made a career out of writing scores and "Happy" marks his first solo pop-rock song in decades. Just in time for Halloween, it's basically 2020 in a song. Watch until the end, it starts rocking out around the 2:44 mark. And look for a cameo by his beloved ventriloquist dummy, Buddy.


Elfman explained the origins of the song in a statement. "I originally wrote 'Happy' to perform at Coachella 2020," he said of that pandemic-thwarted festival gig. "It was written to be an absurd anti-pop song, designed to begin as a very simple pop tune that degrades into something more subversive. The cynical nature of the lyrics echo how I feel about living in a semi-dystopian world turned upside down."

screengrab via Elfman's IG

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