This portable cooler + beer tap turns cans of your favorite brew into frothy, freshly-poured bliss

Finding the perfect balance is essential in practically everything. For beer connoisseurs, that pursuit is no less critical. For true fans, one beer is almost certainly not enough. A full keg is almost definitely overkill. Thankfully, the existential question about the pinpoint perfect middle ground in that age-old debate has now been answered.

The Tapology Microfoam Beer Tap does what many thought could never be done, improving the taste of canned beer while offering a much-needed shot of class to the process of cracking a tab on an aluminum can's worth of your favorite store-bought brew.

This microfoam beer system features an insulated cooler unit that holds six cans of beer at once. With the tap's siphoning pouring system, this cooler pumps up a dense, creamy head on each glass that actually enhances the flavor and aroma of your beer, regardless of brand. The unit utilizes sound waves to get your beer flowing, a definite step-up from your standard-issue aluminum cap pour.

In addition to putting a whole new spin on a typical can of Bud, this tap makes the entire beer-sampling experience mobile. The unit is battery-operated, so it doesn't need an outlet; and at less than a foot long, it's super portable and easy to use. Whether you're headed to a BBQ or the beach or just hanging out with friends in the backyard, some freshly poured beers will definitely class up the joint. You may not have the bucks to have an official beer tap installed in your home, but with this set-up, you'll absolutely feel like you get all the same benefits.

The Tapology 6-Pack Cooler Microfoam Beer Tap is also a healthy savings off the cost of a built-in tap. Retailing for $119, you can save $40 off the price of this cool beer buddy now with this deal, cutting your price to only $79.99.

Prices are subject to change.