Exploring the weird and wonderful world of RPG zines

In case you are unaware, the roleplaying gaming world is not only going through a robust renaissance of interest, it has also led to an explosion in game-related zine publishing. There are thousands of zines covering 5e D&D, OSR (Old School Renaissance), RPGs in general, zine-based rules systems, zine-based adventures, dungeon crafting zines, you name it.

This is heaven to those of us who love both RPGs and zine publishing, but there are so many zines, it can become overwhelming trying to decide which ones to spend our hard-earned gold pieces on.

In this streaming episode of Questing Beast, Ben gives us a tour through a handful of the mountains of zines he gets sent. I hope he does more of these streams. I like that he goes through them page-by-page, but I'd also like an episode where you goes through more titles at a faster pace.

Image: YouTube