The desktop isn't dead — and these 20 killer deals from Dell, HP, and more are all on sale

Everybody's running so fast these days that a laptop or a tablet are the only ways to get a lot done and still keep up your crazy pace. 

But let's face it — when you really need to lock in, focus and throw some serious computing power at a project, there's no substitute for a stacked, revved-up desktop to get it done.

And with portability so en vogue, desktops from the major brands are often available at some absurdly eye-catching prices. We pulled together some of the best deals around right now from popular computer makers like Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Periphio on desktop models that can tackle anything and everything you throw at 'em.


The Dell OptiPlex line is one of the most reliable brands in desktop history. A business-oriented workhorse that dominates corporate offices, government divisions and educational institutes alike, each of these units sporting lightning-fast Intel quad-core processors and hard drive space up to a cavernous 2TBs has been professionally refurbished by a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR).

In fact, these desktops are often restored above and beyond their grade when they first rolled off the assembly line. Restorers upgrade these models with higher quality components than normal retail versions, test for full functionality to ensure peak performance and reliability and even fix exterior cosmetics to a like-new condition with little to no visible signs of previous use. Each model also gets its own fresh installation of Microsoft Window 10 Pro with a new license. So it's basically like you're getting a rebuilt, reprogrammed desktop that's better than it was new for the price of a used computer.

While that tower is the beating heart of your new setup, many won't get far without a new monitor as well. Which is why Dell also has OptiPlex models available with monitors between 19 and 24 inches included as part of the offer.

Finally, if you'd like to save on space, maybe get a computer that's both a tower and monitor all in one. These terminals are some of the thinnest Dell makes, offering a streamlined design that should fit nicely in even some of the smallest available work areas.


Lenovo's own version of the tried-and-true business terminal, the ThinkCentre, is no lightweight either. A jack of all trades model, the ThinkCentre is just as comfortable with gaming and multimedia-rich presentations with high-end graphic design as it is with end-of-year number crunching.

You can either pick up a ThinkCentre as its own standalone tower or as part of a package including a 23.6-inch FHD LED monitor as well as Periphio's premier gaming keyboard and mouse duo. There's also a version that doubles your available RAM up to a beefy 16GB and maxes out your hard drive to an enormous 2TBs.


Hewlett Packard remains one of the most reliable names in computing — and both their ProDesk and EliteDesk models are more than up to the challenge. Its 4th generation Intel Core processor and abundant memory help you power through everyday tasks like butter. 

While the EliteDesk comes with a 22-inch widescreen monitor, the ProDesk has a heavy load of extras as well. Users get a copy of Microsoft Office 365 Personal, a new 16GB flash drive and a wireless keyboard and mouse to help turbocharge your work or pleasure projects.


Periphio is probably the manufacturer on this list you know the least about. But while the others have staked their places in business and industrial use, Periphio has dedicated itself to being the cool kid in class, turning out wicked little gaming PCs that look and work great, without the unbelievable prices of some other gamer-centric systems.

While the Portal packs more than enough performance in its entry-level frame to handle DOTA 2, League of Legends, or Fortnite like an esports champion, you can also step up to the Phantom, housing a faster Intel i7 processor, more RAM and an improved GTX graphics cards to ball out even stronger. Or go big with the uber-powerful Spectre, a machine that can stream your games, pull double-duty as a video-editing machine, or basically do almost anything you need done.

Prices are subject to change.