A man in medieval clothes killed 2 people with a katana in Canada

A man named Carl Girouard dressed in medieval attire and stabbed 2 people to death and wounded at least 5 others with a katana on Halloween night in Quebec City, Quebec. More from the BBC:

At a news conference on Sunday, Quebec City Police Chief Robert Pigeon said it was believed that the attack was premeditated, adding that the suspect, from the Montreal suburbs, came to Quebec City with "the intention of doing the most damage possible".

"Dressed in medieval costume and armed with a Japanese sword, everything leads us to believe he chose his victims at random," Mr Pigeon added.

The suspect had spoken of conducting an attack "in a medical context" five years ago but was not known to police and did not have a criminal record, police said.

The Global News in Canada provided the obligatory, "He seemed like a nice man who kept to himself" quote from a neighbor. But other than that, there's little information about the swordsman, who is reportedly in custody after a 2 hour manhunt.

Quebec stabbing: Two dead after attack by man in medieval clothes [BBC News]

Man charged with 2 counts of 1st-degree murder after Halloween sword attack in Quebec City [Spencer Van Dyk, Marilla Steuter-Martin / CBC News]

Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons