At rally, Trump fantasizes about beating up Biden, says he'll fire Fauci after election, again strands crowd

Two days before election day, Trump's rallies are becoming even more unhinged than usual, according to the journalists unfortunate enough to be stuck at them.

The AP's Zeke Miller: "Responding to 'Fire Fauci' chant from audience in Florida, Trump tells supporters, 'Don't tell anybody, but let me wait until a little bit after the election.'"

CNN's Daniel Dale: "Trump is again telling his story about how he could beat up Biden just with a small push, not even closing his fist, 'ding, he's gone.' He then mocks Biden's sunglasses again."

NBC's Julie Tsirkin: "Hours after the President departed for Florida, this was the scene in Georgia as people were left for hours waiting for buses to take them to their cars:"