Gay male penguin couple steals unhatched eggs from lesbian penguin couple

From The Cut:

Drama is afoot in the Dutch queer penguin community after two gay lovers with a reputation for trouble stole an entire nest of eggs from a neighboring lesbian couple at the same zoo.

Within the queer penguin community at large, fostering eggs is relatively common: On multiple occasions, zoos and aquariums have gifted unhatched eggs to gay and lesbian couples exhibiting behavior that suggests they're desperate for a chick, like building mock nests out of pebbles. But rather than demanding the same of their caretakers, one pair of African penguins at the DierenPark zoo in Amersfoort instead took the matter into their own claws by snatching eggs from two mothers-to-be, according to The conniving boys have since been sharing caregiving duties, taking turns keeping the eggs warm and foraging for fish.

(Rough) Translation (via Google):

Special news! Our park's penguin gay couple has taken an entire nest from a lesbian penguin couple this year. Homosexuality is more common in this bird species. Both birds nest on the eggs, alternately guarding the nest!

This actually isn't the first time these two gay male penguins have stolen an unhatched egg; the last time, it didn't hatch, and there's a good chance these eggs aren't fertilized, either. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

There's Drama in the Queer Penguin Community [Amanda Arnold / The Cut]

Image: Public Domain via GoodFreePhotos