This $33 1080p HD webcam can instantly elevate your Zoom calls

There's a variation on an old poker players' adage that applies directly to our new work-from-home lifestyle.

If you're staring around the Zoom call at everybody else's image quality and you can't spot the bad camera in the bunch, there's a good chance the bad camera — is you. There's always someone on a group call who looks like their camera is feeding through a decades-old Commodore 64. And there's little more embarrassing these days than being the guy woefully out of step with modern technology.

If you're afraid you might be the one that everyone is quietly snickering about, the iPM 1080p Full HD Webcam W9 can knock out that fear once and for all.

First off, this webcam is high definition, streaming in ultra-brilliant, ultra-crisp 1080p resolution. With a frame rate up to 30FPS, you should get a fabulous picture with none of the buffering, stuttering or dropout that's common in less cams.

The cam is also incredibly simple to set up with a single USB connection. It doesn't even require any drivers or downloads to your computer to work. With the included multifunctional base, you can attach the can easily to your computer or monitor through the tripod screw hole on the bottom. As for compatibility, the iPM W9 should sync easily with your desktop or laptop computer, supporting XP2 and above, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10, and other operating systems.

Of course, even the best looking webcam is virtually useless with crummy audio. That's why this cam also comes with a built-in stereo mic, which eliminates background noise and delivers clean two-way audio. Capturing any sound within about 15 feet of the cam, it's calibrated to work perfectly for video conferencing as well as live broadcasts, online courses or teaching, chatting with friends and more.

Retailing for $49, the iPM 1080p Full HD Webcam W9 is now available for over $16 off the regular price, down to only $32.95