What happens when Google cuts access to your account

If you depend on Google for email, docs, notes, photos, scheduling, etc, be aware that they can lock you out without explanation.

From Business Insider:

The developer feels betrayed by the company for shutting off access to vast swathes of his digital life in an instant, with little logical recourse. "It feels like getting baited by all the convenience that Google offers, only for Google to use your data as it pleases and possibly take it all away with no prior notice," he said.

Worse, he's worried it could happen elsewhere. "It feels debilitating that there's no way to even prevent this in the future," he explained. "No matter what I do or who I choose to do 'business' with, there'll always be a risk of losing it."

He feels anger, too. "I'm extremely angry at Google for just completely locking me out or deleting all my data without a single notice, losing money, data on personal projects, contacts, so much," he explained.