Degoo lets you lock down 15TB of cloud storage space for life for less than $150

If you need something, it's always good to shop around to find the best price. That's a tenet of shopping that covers buying a new car, a new towel, eggs…virtually anything. 

And it's no different if you're in the market for cloud storage space. A quick look at some of the biggest, most well-known cloud providers can give you an idea of the prices you're facing. For example, 5TBs of space from Dropbox cost about $150 a year. If you need more room, you can go up to 30TBs from Google Drive, although it'll set you back about $300 a month. Or Amazon Drive can give you the same 30TBs for a year for an even cheaper $1,800.

But if you're a value shopper checking for cloud storage, a Degoo Premium Mega Backup Plan featuring 15TB for $149.99 should definitely get your attention. Because while that price would be competitive for 15TB of space for a year, that $149.99 is all you pay for life. It's a ridiculously large amount of cloud storage for an equally ridiculously low price.

To put that into its proper perspective, 15TB is enough space to hold almost 4 million images taken with a 12MP camera; or about 7,500 hours of HD quality video. While that much space assures you'll likely never need more cloud storage again, that much room is fantastic for those who want to backup all the content on all of their devices and never worry about filling it up.

Degoo allows an unlimited number of devices to be connected to your storage space, so you can keep all the contents of your smartphone, tablet, laptop and more protected in your cloud backup drive at all times. It even detects any changes or additions to any file and automatically save those updated files right to your Degoo cloud space so it's always got the latest information.

Everything is saved via high-speed transfer and stay protected under Degoo's premium 256-bit AES encryption security. That same level of end-to-end protection remains even when you 

share emails or links to files with friends, family, co-workers and more.

And in case you're thinking that giant 15TBs of storage for $149.99 might not be enough, you can expand and still enjoy lifetime subscription prices at well over 90 percent off Degoo's regular rates. Right now, they're offering a 25TB lifetime plan for $199.99, a 35TB plan for $249.99 and a truly huge 50 TB plan for just $299.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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