Report: Deutsche Bank wants Trump to pay off $340m debt immediately after election

Deutsche Bank, the German multinational investment bank that Donald Trump owes hundreds of millions of dollars to, is planning to demand immediate payment of the loans after the election, according to Reuters. They want to sell the loans, but the report claims it is unlikely that anyone will buy Trump's debt.

In meetings in recent months, a Deutsche Bank management committee that oversees reputational and other risks for the lender in the Americas region has discussed ways in which it could rid the bank of these last vestiges of the relationship, two of the three bank officials said. The bank has over the years lent Trump more than $2 billion, one of the officials said.

One idea that has come up in the meetings: sell the loans in the secondary market, two of the bank officials said. But one of the officials said that idea has not gained traction, in part because it is not clear who would want to buy the loans and the attendant problems that come with it.

It's not about getting repaid—Trump hasn't missed a payment. The bank fears an investigation into its sketchy dealings with him going back decades, and wants them put to bed before Elizabeth Warren kicks the door in.