Twitter suspends recently created right-wing news accounts posting about U.S. elections for 'coordination'

On Election Day, today, Twitter suspended a handful of relatively new right-wing news accounts for posting false or misleading information about the elections. The accounts suspended by Twitter included FJNewsReporter, Crisis_Intel, Faytuks, and SVNewsAlerts, which had 69,000 followers as of last week. All of the accounts were recently created.

From Joseph Menn reporting for Reuters:

Twitter said the accounts had been suspended for violating its policy against "coordination," posting identical content while appearing independent or engaging in other covertly automated behavior. Facebook suspended them for inauthentic behavior. (…)

A Facebook page also named SVNewsAlerts, which was suspended on Tuesday afternoon, had more than 20,000 followers. Facebook declined to comment further.

False or exaggerated reports about voting fraud and delays at the polls circulated on social media throughout the day, in some cases helped along by Republican accounts and online publications.

The FBI and the New York attorney general also said they were looking into a spate of mysterious robocalls urging people to stay home, which were reported in multiple battleground states.

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