Networks: Biden flips Arizona and Nebraska's second district, bolstering chances in election nail-biter

At 3 a.m. Wednesday morning and the election in the balance, the Associated Press called Arizona for Joe Biden—the first swing state to flip blue after Trump's 2016 win there.

Earlier in the evening, Fox News had made the same call, reportedly enraging the president. But other networks held off following suit for hours.

Networks also projected that Biden would take a single electoral vote from Nebraska's second district, which Trump also won four years ago.

Trump prematurely claimed victory during an early-hours press conference in which he also claimed the election was a fraud and implied that he would ask the Supreme Court to stop the vote-count.

That said, Trump vastly outperformed polls across the nation, especially Florida, denying Biden his dreamed-of landslide and sending late-night poll-watchers into an anxious frenzy.

For his part, Biden told his own supporters he thought he would win, but that everyone would have to be "patient" while votes were tallied.