The Cielo Breez Eco gives you full smart control over any AC unit

If you've got a central heating and cooling system in your home, it takes little effort to slap on a new smart thermostat and earn an exciting new level of control over your environment. However, if your home's cooling needs are handled by portable or window-mounted air conditioning units, you're often stuck with manually pushing buttons or turning dials. If you're lucky, you might get a remote control.

As an answer for those AC sufferers, the Cielo Breez Eco was engineered to smarten up all those ductless cooling systems that have been dumb for way too long.

The Breez Eco works with any cooling unit with an IR-based remote control, allowing users full WiFi-enabled control of their air conditioner or heat pump from anywhere, anytime. Once users download the Cielo Home app to their phone or tablet, they can do everything from the app. That includes adjusting the AC temperature, changing between heating or cooling modes, setting the fan speed, changing the swing position, adopting schedules, and more. 

With the app, your abilities to control your home environment explode. You can set temperature or humidity-based triggers to maintain the conditions you want, set up geofencing so control is determined by location, monitor the live cleanliness level of your AC's air filter, and get usage statistics with helpful insight about how and when your unit is running.

If you happen to be inside your home, you don't even need to use the app to make a change. If you've got an Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart assistant, you can start controlling your air conditioner completely via voice commands. 

The Breez Eco plugs in easily through a 5V adapter and can be wall-mounted or simply placed on a table or desk for quick communication with the cooling unit.

While the convenience of setting and maintaining all your cooling and heating needs with complete control is a huge plus, the Breez Eco will actually put a few more dollars in your pocket as well. Once you calibrate your unit and get all the features running properly, users can expect to save up to 25 percent on their electricity costs through the increased efficiency.

Regularly $99, you can save almost 35 percent off the price of a Cielo Breez Eco Smart Thermostat with the current deal, which cuts your price to only $64.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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