Artkive Box lets you preserve your child's artwork forever as a brilliant hardcover book

Check with almost any parent and they'll probably be able to tell you exactly where it is. You know…the box.

The box that collects the accumulated masterpiece works of their junior Picasso over the years. The drawings. The finger paintings. The macaroni collages. The handprint Thanksgiving turkeys. That box represents an entire wing of MOMA displays just waiting to be compiled into a complete career retrospective.

While these treasures would normally remain entombed for years, only to see the light of day when excavated for the grandkids to laugh about, the Artkive Box has another idea.

Instead of keeping those old drawings and paintings trapped in a box for decades, Artkive wants you to put all that work into one of their boxes instead. From there, the accomplished photographers and designers at Artkive will turn your child's artistic expression into a lifetime keepsake, a hardcover book that immortalizes it all forever under one cover.

The craftsmen at Artkive understand the importance of celebrating a child's creativity and preserving those moments so you'll never forget a thing. Once they've professionally photographed, edited, and laid out the work into book proof form, they'll give you a chance to review and make any necessary changes before final printing. Once approved, your high quality, 8.5 x 11-inch hardcover book will start heading your way.

Not only do you get a beautiful remembrance of what might be the most creative period in a child's life, you also get to free up all that box space that's now filled with old art. So it doesn't just appeal to the wistful, sentimental you, it also appeals to all those Marie Kondo-types looking to clean up that clutter filling up your garage or storage space.

This offer saves you over half off the price of the initial Artkive box and photography session, a $39 value now on sale for just $19. Once they have all the elements together, they can assess the length of the book, number of copies needed, and bill you accordingly.

Prices are subject to change.

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