Get over 35 hours of training on Raspberry Pi, Python, and ROS2 for just $50

Not everybody is wired to be a tinkerer. Some of us just want to push the on button, have a machine spring to life, do its job, and be done with it. But if you're someone who looks at that whirring, spinning machine and wonders how that's actually happening, then the Raspberry Pi is practically a gateway drug for you.

The single-board microcomputer has been a focal point in a DIY electronics and programming revolution, a device so low in cost, yet rife with possibility that an entire subculture has become obsessed with how to turn the Pi into practically anything–like a pill dispenser, a universal translator, or a WiFi extender.  

And, yet, that doesn't even scratch the surface of how many advanced automation and robotics options are possible. For anyone who's ever wanted to really dig deep into inventive new uses for today's electronics, The Ultimate Raspberry Pi and ROS Robotics Developer Super Bundle can kick that door open with authority.

This collection includes 15 courses with nearly 40 hours of training that explore the basics of programming, homemade electronics, and robot building. It's enough to get even a first-time user started in developing the abilities to forge almost anything imaginable from these core components.

The Complete Raspberry Pi Bootcamp can get things started, explaining, through practical examples, how to create a complete Pi-based program. Even if you don't have your own Pi, this course can help you simulate the board in your operating system and start learning, even without the board itself.

From these humble beginnings, another dozen courses will expand your Pi knowledge in the best way possible — through assembling a batch of crazy cool new projects. As you follow instructions to make your own automated smart dustbin, a GPS tracking system, or a smart security camera, you'll fully explore how to apply elements of these projects to start crafting your own Pi-inspired automations.

The collection also features an introduction to Python coding, how to use that coding in the creation of 'Internet of Things' projects, and a full examination of ROS2, an open-source, meta-operating system for use in programming robots. 

The entire collection is valued at almost $2,400, but you can save hundreds by getting the whole 15-course bundle now for about $3 per course, just $49.99.

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