Learn how to build our very own Android app with the help of these classes

If you've got a smartphone or tablet, odds are you've got over 100 different apps already sharing space on your home screens. But while the average user will check that device over 60 times a day, there's also a sobering stat app developers need to remember — almost 80 percent of apps get abandoned after their first day of use.

That means if you're putting an app together, you better be bringing the form, feel and function users really want or you'll be kicked to the curb in hours, maybe even minutes.

Creators can build their foundation for making brilliant apps with the help of the training in The 2021 Android Development eBook and Video Course Super Bundle.

This collection brings together 11 different training resources — 5 video courses and 6 ebooks — to explore everything it takes to build a killer app in the Android environment, then make sure those users will actually want to keep using it.

The training starts with a primer on creating for Android, the Android Programming for Beginners, 2nd Edition ebook. This meaty introduction lays out what boundaries for how to program for Android, including scripting with Java and how everything works together through the Android API.

That book gets things underway, but there are more courses and ebooks exploring specific Android creation tools. Users cover topics like using the Kotlin programming language, how it interacts with the Java-centric Spring framework and the ways Google's Firebase platform can synthesize those pieces to help build bigger, stronger, faster apps more quickly.

While an ebook like the Android 9 Development Cookbook can help refine your app creation skills, still other courses and readings offer guidance in critical areas like modernizing user interfaces, improving who your app elements work together, and even working through the trouble when something doesn't work the way you'd planned.

Probably no part of app creation is more glamorous than building new games, so you'll also get a 32-hour exploration in the Unity Android Game Development: Build 7 2D and 3D Games video series. This breakdown doesn't just show students how to build games in the world famous Unity game engine, but the steps needed to help make your games feel more engaging, more addictive and take advantage of all the features Unity has to offer.

A nearly $900 value, this complete package is on sale now for a fraction of that price, only $29.99 while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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