This build-it-yourself musical Tesla coil looks and sounds positively otherworldly

Anybody can learn to play the piano. Or a violin. Or the guitar. But how many musicians are game to jump in and start learning to play electricity itself?

That's part of the appeal of the Tesla coil, a curious invention pioneered by Serbian-American genius inventor Nikola Tesla in 1891. It was all part of the big thinker's dream to come up with a way to supply electrical power around the world without the need for stringing wires everywhere.

He succeeded with his Tesla coil, the first system ever able to transmit electricity wirelessly. While its practical applications ended up being limited, there's one place where a Tesla coil unmistakably shines: generating some truly otherworldly music.

With the oneTeslaTS DIY Musical Coil Kit, users can assemble their own Tesla coil, then strike up the band to play all manner of strange tunes, all through manipulating electricity.

The music from a Tesla coil actually comes from the vibration of air molecules by changing the frequency of sound waves generated per second to create a higher or lower pitch. And this kit includes everything you need to get started, including all the precision-made components to get your coil up and running, pumping out high voltage lightning charges that surge up to 2 feet.

This programmable coil is really something to see in person, especially when working in tandem with its MIDI input interface. Through direct playback from Micro SD and SDHC cards, you can use the new menu-driven organization and LCD screen to browse for just the music file and playback mode you want.  

This coil can generate up to 340 volts of energy, which can be dangerous and is definitely not a toy. But in conjunction with the musical display, it's a do-it-yourself sight and sound demonstration that will definitely grab attention everywhere.

Retailing for $449, you can save $50 off the price of oneTeslaTS DIY Musical Coil Kit right now and get one for just $399.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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