Did BBC Radio 6 Music host Mary Ann Hobbs uncover a new clue in David Bowie's Black Star?

Here's an interesting post from the BBC Radio 6 Music's Facebook page.

On air this morning (rewind on BBC Sounds), [Mary Ann Hobbs] said: "I think I might have found one of the references to 'Lazarus' which was the last single to be released during [Bowie's] lifetime.

"On Saturday I was at Tate Britain, the art gallery, they have a lovely little bookshop there, and I picked up a book by Leonora Carrington. To tell you the truth, I just liked the design of the sleeve. I didn't really know anything about her.

"But I found out she was born quite close to me in Chorley, Lancs in 1916 but spent most of her life in Mexico. She was highly rebellious… and defied her father to become a surrealist painter.

"She was an author of some very strange short stories… The first story in the book is called 'White Rabbits' and in that story is a character who lives in a Baroque attic among lots and lots of white rabbits, he's made out of stars, he wears a bandage over his eyes and his name is Lazarus.'"

You can find the story 'White Rabbits' in the anthology, The Skeleton's Holiday.

Ever since the release of Bowie's last album, Black Star, on his 69th birthday (January 8, 2016), just days before his death (Jan, 10), listeners have been hunting through the album, the videos, and the album art looking for Easter eggs and hidden meaning behind the album's sounds and imagery.