This wireless solar-powered backup camera is effective and easy to install

Backup cameras have been in cars for a long time, and continue to play a significant role in car safety features. The U.S. Congress made its first big step toward requiring them to be considered standard equipment in vehicles in 2008, but it really wasn't until 2018 that manufacturers were required to make rear camera surveillance part of each car or truck's built-in safety package.

Obviously, that means there are still millions of vehicles out on the road that don't have backup cameras installed. But while putting a full camera system in your old car or truck feels like it might be a tricky and expensive project, it really isn't. With a setup like the FenSens Smart Wireless Solar Powered Backup Camera, even a classic vehicle can have all the benefits of rear camera technology in a matter of minutes..

The FenSens looks like a car license plate frame–and basically, it pretty much installs the same way. With just a few screws and zero electrical work, this wireless, hands-free parking sensor is in place and ready to start live-streaming video right to your phone via FenSens' Android or iOS app.

Its internal ultrasonic sensors provide audio, visual, and vibration alerts right to the app, so you can actually see, feel, and hear if you're backing up too close to another vehicle, object, or a person.

In addition to FenSens' patented QuickLaunch button that launches the app hands-free, the latest model also features an enhanced chipset that actually increases your screen resolution so you can see everything in 1080p HD-level quality.

Weatherproof for long-lasting use, this camera is also completely driven by solar power. Once you've charged it the first time, this camera should never run out of battery life again, constantly replenishing its charge from the sun's rays.

You can either secure your phone in a dashboard dock, or even just leave it in your pocket. No matter how you want to use it, this system will always make sure you're alerted.

Regularly $249, you can enjoy the peace of mind of the FenSens Smart Wireless Solar Powered Backup Camera at over 30% off, just $169.99.

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