Apple lifts threat to remove popular terminal app from App Store

Apple was about to remove iSH, a popular terminal emulator app, from the App Store. iSH is a bland app for IT drain-cleaning, does nothing dangerous to users or threatening to Apple, and competes with nothing Apple offers. But it was found to contravene one of Apple's obscure and selectively-enforced rules, and so became another example of how much control the tech giant asserts over its walled garden—until a last-minute reprieve that happened only after the case went viral.

Publishing on the app store reminds me of salespeople who must buy their own inventory, give up a significant portion of their profits, and can be ditched by the franchise at any moment. American popular culture's original gig-work death ride.

Then there's the sheer volume of junk on the App Store—garbage apps that seem machine-generated, plagiarism, scams, sleaze—just to add insult to injury.