With Tidal, Kast TV, and more, this package will help keep you entertained this winter

As cold winter weather starts to settle in over much of the U.S., people are becoming less and less eager to leave the house. Add in the effects of a global pandemic and it's a safe bet to assume we'll all be spending many more hours indoors over the next few months.

If you're going to be stuck inside until spring, you'll need a plan to keep yourself entertained during all that time. With the collection found in The Epic Entertainment at Home App Bundle ft. Tidal, you'll have all the pieces to turn your house into the multimedia hub you want it to be.

This package starts with a one-year subscription to one of the premier music streaming services on the planet, Tidal. Sporting a list of celebrity owners that reads like a Grammy lineup, Tidal offers access to over 60 million tracks, streaming in premium high-quality. Their inventory is massive, and also includes 250,000 videos, exclusive interviews, live streams, and all kinds of marquee events to listen to, view, and read anytime. PCMag even honored Tidal as an Editor's Choice pick, calling it out as one of "the best streaming audio services we've tested."

Since playback quality matters, this collection also includes the Elmedia media player, featuring advanced streaming abilities to allow it to play back virtually any audio or video file you've got, no matter its format. Created for Mac users, Elmedia comes with a full collection of playback features, and even the ability to screen-cast your content onto your TV or other screens via Chromecast, Apple TV, or other AirPlay or DLNA-approved devices.

Getting 12 months of Kast TV premium access can help you turn any night into a watch party. Optimized to work with your own audio or video content, as well as major streaming services, you can use Kast TV to effectively stream that content to a group-watch, so up to 100 friends and family can join in together.

Entertainment doesn't just equate to movies, TV, and music, which is why a lifetime of access to Memrise Language Learning's complete archive of language training coursework is so significant. Memrise will give you the opportunity to dive into 22 different languages by following their award-winning training, to start understanding and speaking in your new language in no time.

Finally, VPN Unlimited will assure you that all of your contact with the web will never come back to haunt you. This global network of servers offer a fully encrypted, all but impenetrable tunnel to web access, so you can surf or do anything online, while your IP address and vital information all stay safely protected. And, VPN Unlimited never implements speed or bandwidth limits, always allowing you to get around international geo-fencing restrictions, and never logging any of your movements online that could fall into the wrong hands.

Purchased separately, this collection of elite entertainment options would regularly cost over $530, but as part of this package, it's all available now for just $189.99.

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