AMC cinemas now offering private party screenings for $100

Today, AMC Entertainment, struggling due to COVID-19, launched a new private cinema rental program. They had been testing the offering for the last month and received a staggering 110,000 inquiries in just four weeks, four times as many as during all of 2019. Unfortunately, even private parties are prohibited from bringing in their own food and drinks so be sure to wear your "movie coat"—y'know, that one with the extra large pockets. From Variety:

Customers can rent out a showing at any of AMC's 600 screening rooms nationwide for as low as $99 for as many as 20 patrons. Recent releases such as "Tenet," "The War With Grandpa" and "Freaky" are available starting at $149. Consistent with AMC's policy, outside food and drink may not be brought into the screening.