Twitter: Trump loses his special privileges with the presidency

Twitter had to contrive a reason to let Donald Trump remain on the service despite his constant breaking of its rules, and the reason it cooked up was a general-purpose "public interest" exemption for politicians with large followings. With Trump's resounding defeat at the polls by Joe Biden, what happens to that deal? On the one hand, he isn't going to be president any more. On the other hand, Trump is the wind in Twitter's sails.

Twitter says it'll cut him loose if he breaks the rules after he leaves office. The Verge's Adi Robertson

"Twitter's approach to world leaders, candidates, and public officials is based on the principle that people should be able to choose to see what their leaders are saying with clear context. This means that we may apply warnings and labels, and limit engagement to certain tweets. This policy framework applies to current world leaders and candidates for office, and not private citizens when they no longer hold these positions," a Twitter spokesperson confirms to The Verge.

These changes will cover Trump's personal account. Position-specific accounts like @WhiteHouse, @POTUS, and @FLOTUS are transferred to a new administration after an outgoing president steps down.