Far out UFO house for sale

This rare, original Futuro home in Christchurch, New Zealand is up for sale. The good news is you can ship it anywhere! (Unfortunately, it doesn't fly on its own though.) No price is listed. Designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, there were fewer than 100 of these prefab tiny homes (50 square meters) were constructed with little more than half surviving to this day. From the FUTURO2020 listing site:

Partial renovations have been undertaken, short of employing a new Gel-coat to allow the new owner to choose their own tint as part of finishing the outside shell. Keep it kiwi and remain white, move to the original prototype blue or adopt any of a number of fantastic hues to give your UFO a stylish finish for the next 50 years!

The hatch door has cables and a garage opener that lowers and raises door. Note: the opener has not been used for a number of years and cannot be guaranteed operational. The door opens and closes however, with relative ease by way of counter-weight attached to cabling.

The internals have been cleared from when it was relocated from New Brighton in 2006. This provides a clean slate from which to work (as shown in the photo gallery) displaying marimekko couches and 'historical' plaques installed around internal surfaces. These will all remain in-situ for new owner to determine aesthetic.

Items included in sale: Original Fibreglass Kitchen Bench. There are 2 x 2 seater couch units installed, but there is an additional 2 seater in storage. There are also fibreglass 2 'shelving' wall units as seen in the photo gallery, with an additional 2 in storage. The original custom shaped mattress is stored that the owner may wish to employ or take a pattern from. For future window replacement, there are 2 types of MDF mould/formes to use with a plastics service to re-blow the unique curved windows.