Listen to "Inside Star Trek," a behind-the-scenes LP from 1976

"Inside Star Trek" is a 1976 record album featuring behind-the-scenes stories, interviews, sound effects, and music. Unfortunately, the music tracks "The Star Trek Dream" and "A Letter From A Network Censor" read by Gene Roddenberry aren't included in the above YouTube clip, but you can hear the latter below.

1. Inside Star Trek 0:00 2. Theme From Star Trek 1:01 3. William Shatner Meets Captain Kirk 4:28 4. The Origin Of Spock 12:55 5. Sarek's Son, Spock 14:45 6. The Questor Affair 22:02 7. The Enterprise Runs Aground 26:07 8. Mc Coy's RX For Life 28:08 9. The Star Trek Philosophy 34:10 10. Asimov's World Of Science Fiction 38:50 11. A Letter From A Network Censor 12. The Star Trek Dream : Ballad I – Ballad II – Ballad II

(via r/ObscureMedia)