Wonder if this is a coup? Check the Coup-o-meter

The folks at Dissent & Company created a useful Coup-o-meter to let you know how close we are to a coup.

Nov 10: An update to the Coup-o-meter: the meter has not moved toward democracy or toward a coup. There continue to be very troubling developments, but taken as a whole, the danger of a coup has not increased since our last update.

There are a number of reasons for concern: The refusal of the GSA to authorize funds for Biden's transition team, the refusal of prominent Republicans to recognize Biden as the winner of the election, and Barr's overturning of longstanding DOJ policies against investigating voter fraud before the results are certified. However, the immediate and public resignation of the Justice Department official who oversees investigations of voter fraud is exactly the kind of response that public officials should undertake in cases like this. These actions weaken our country and violate norms, but they do not reveal a path to seize control of the country.

The firing of Secretary Esper is troubling but appears to be retaliatory as opposed to part of a plan to activate the military domestically. This action was widely understood to be in the works before the election.

There are also a number of reasons for hope: votes continue to be counted deliberately and fairly, the media continues to treat Biden as the president-elect, and some prominent Republicans and many world leaders have congratulated Biden.

These are troubling days for democracy, but at this time we do not believe that momentum has shifted toward a coup. We will continue to monitor the situation.