Mississippi Republican calls to "succeed" from the union after Biden victory

In a now-deleted tweet, Mississippi State Senate Representative Price Wallace said, "We need to succeed (sic) from the union and form our own country."

The tweet came in response to another Mississippi politician, who was spreading unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 US Presidential Election (as well as the disingenuous and frankly authoritarian-lite claim that the Founding Fathers had no aspirations of democracy but rather went out of their way to establish a Constitutional Republic that does not care for the will of the people).

Rep. Wallace has since deleted his original "succession" tweet, and issued an apology via Twitter:

While Rep. Wallace's apology did address concerns about secession, he did not apologize nor explain his desires for succession.

But sadly — as the Washington Post points out — the larger idea behind Rep. Wallace's views are hardly an anomaly in Mississippi:

On Monday, the state's attorney general became one of 10 across the country who pledged to join Trump's attempt to stop Pennsylvania from counting mail-in ballots that arrived after Election Day. Even before the race was called, Mississippi's five Republicans in Congress released a joint statement that warned, without evidence, about the existence of "voting irregularities" across the country.

To be clear: there is no evidence of "voting irregularities" in any state election, nor would any of the unsubstantiated claims of such be enough to change the results of any state elections.

Mississippi Republican calls for his state to 'succeed from the union' after Biden victory [Teo Armus / Washington Post]

Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons