Sweden's anti-lockdown approach backfires

Antimaskers like to point to Sweden's light-touch approach to COVID-19 as evidence that masks and lockdowns in the US are bad (or a conspiracy to damage the economy as a way to hurt their god-emperor). A spike in Sweden's hospitalizations due to Covid are unlikely to change their beliefs, though.

From The Guardian:

"We consider the situation extremely serious," the director of health and medical care services for Stockholm, Björn Eriksson, told the state broadcaster SVT this week. "We can expect noticeably more people needing hospital care over the coming weeks."

Swedish hospitals were treating 1,004 patients for Covid-19, SVT said, an increase of 60% over the previous week's 627. Data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control suggests the rise in recent weeks may be Europe's fastest.

New infections are also surging, hitting a seven-day average of more than 4,000 this week against fewer than 500 at the beginning of October. The country recorded 4,635 new infections on Thursday.