This giant 30,000mAh power pack can tackle all your charging needs on the fly

There are a handful of gift items that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. No one has ever turned up their nose at a gift card, for example. And trust us– with the insatiable power needs of the devices each of us tote around daily, quick, easy, lightweight power banks always go over well, too.

Before all the Black Friday prices start surging in, you can already pick up a power storage bank at a rock-bottom price with this current deal on the ToughJuice 30,000mAh Multi-Port Wireless Power Bank from ZeroLemon

Billed as the world's toughest and most cost-effective USB-C external battery pack, you won't find many batteries matching the massive capacity of the ToughJuice. Boasting 30,000mAh of power, you can charge your smartphone up to 10 times, your tablet twice, or even fully juice up your MacBook on a single charge.

Since adaptability is huge for accessories these days, the ToughJuice has you covered. It offers seven outputs, including five USB ports, so you can boost up multiple devices simultaneously. There are also two input ports to fully maximize all of your potential charging options.

But, of course, with a name like ToughJuice, you can rest assured that the battery is supremely protected from the damage of the rough-and-tumble world. As its name implies, the battery is encased in a double-layer, anti-shock frame that can absorb the rigors of rugged handling like a champ. All of this protection will ensure you will have the ToughJuice up, running, and blasting out power for as long as you've got devices that need powering.

This ToughJuice 30,000mAh Multi-Port Wireless Power Bank usually retails for $64, but when you check out and use the code SAVE15NOV, you can take 15% off, site-wide, for a limited time. That cuts your final cost on this portable charging hub to just $50.99.

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