Apparently, Facebook is a safe haven for people who call for the beheading of public officials

Twitter booted Steve Bannon's account when he said Anthony Fauci should have his head cut off and displayed on a pike "as a warning to federal bureaucrats" who are disloyal to Trump. But Facebook, which has a conservative user base, is continuing to host Bannon's popular page. The decision to keep Bannon's Facebook page was made by CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

From The Independent:

"We have specific rules around how many times you need to violate certain policies before we will deactivate your account completely," Zuckerberg said, according to Reuters who obtained a recording of the CEO's comments in response to a question from a Facebook employee on why Bannon had not been banned.

"While the offenses here, I think, came close to crossing that line, they clearly did not cross the line."

I'd love to see Facebook's specific rules around calls to behead people. Do they say, "It's OK to call for beheading people four times. After that, it's considered a 'crossing the line' violation and the account holder will be given a stern talking to by a call center representative."