Get early Black Friday savings on dashboard and backup cams that will help keep you safe on the road

Dashcams help right so many wrongs that they're required equipment for many drivers. Need evidence in the event of an accident? Check. Want to protect yourself from theft or help nab a thief? Check. Want to lower your car insurance rates? With many carriers…check.

Backup cams can prevent accidents and parking lot mishaps from happening, and are becoming the standard in all vehicles being made nowadays.

Before all the Black Friday sales start, you can score a premium dashcam or a backup cam now at Black Friday prices.

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GoSafe S37 1080P HD Sony Exmor Sensor Dash Cam – $84.99 after coupon; originally $169

GoSafe S780 Dash Cam with Sony Image Sensor – $169.99 after coupon; originally $299

You can decide just how much protection you need with a pair of offerings from GoSafe. With the S37 Dash Cam, you get a Sony Exmor sensor inside to record high-quality 1080p HD video day, night, or in any weather with a variety of built-in recording modes. 

With the S780, your image quality in dicey conditions gets even better with the Sony Starvis sensor, which can help deliver ultra-clear video in even dodgy dusk and other low-light driving conditions. It also allows you to record both the front and rear of your vehicle at the same time.

Papago GoSafe S20G Sony Sensor Night Vision GPS Dashcam – $118.99 after coupon; originally $159

Papago GoSafe 366 Dash Cam – $212.49 after coupon; originally $299

The GoSafe S20G is a high-performance dashcam that shoots at a 130-degree angle to help catch all the small details on the road, like license plates. It's also got on-board GPS logging so drivers can check back on their speed and all the routes that were driven.  

Meanwhile, the 366 model scores big points with its handy built-in G-sensor, recording whenever it senses rapid acceleration or deceleration. That sensor also helps the model automatically save vital data files in the event of a crash. 


myGEKOgear Orbit 110 Full HD Dashcam – $42.49 after coupon; originally $99

myGEKOgear Orbit 530 1296p Wi-Fi Dashcam with Sony Night Vision Sensor – $93.49 after coupon; originally $149

myGEKOgear Orbit 950 1080p Wi-Fi and GPS Dash Cam – $127.49 after coupon; originally $179

MyGEKOgear's Orbit line of HD dashcams brings something to the table for shoppers at any point on the cam spectrum. The Orbit 110 steps up as a killer starter cam, with a sleek, compact design that suction-mounts to your dash, and even allows users to view their 1080p high definition footage on the 1.5-inch LCD screen and easily click into the settings. 

The Orbit 530 features a night-vision-capable lens that guarantees light and clear videos up to 1296p resolution even in low-light situations, as well as a 150-degree angle to view what would be a blind spot for another camera.

The Orbit 950 high-performance dual dashcam will give you full coverage on your front and rear, all recording in 1080p HD. The Orbit 950 also comes with GPS logging, Wi-Fi capabilities, and other driver-assist features, as well as a 16GB microSD card so you can immediately start recording.

Infiniview Lite Digital Rear View Mirror and Dash Cam – $212.49 after coupon; originally $279

This 3-in-1 package comes with a front and rear dashcam, a nearly 10-inch digital touch screen anti-glare mirror, and a rearview system to help you back up. The rear cam is even outfitted with an IPX7 waterproof lens, so bad weather will never wash out your video. Drivers can travel with fewer blind spots and visibility issues that can occur on the road.

Dash cams under $50

1080p HD DVR Dash Cam – $21.24 after coupon; originally $34

With features for automatic and emergency lock recording, as well as a built-in G-sensor that locks and overwrite-protects video captured in the event of a crash, you also get crisp 1080p video from the big aperture and wide dynamic range for clearer footage, even at night.

Car and Driver Dash Cam – $25.49 after coupon; originally $39

With HD playback, a wide-angle lens, and loop recording, this camera with the iconic Car and Driver brand is the clear video protection you want to have if there's an accident. Packed with an accompanying mount and an 8GB memory card for all your video storage, you'll never have an easier way to tell your side of the story.

BlackBOX 1080p HD Dual Lens Dash Cam – $38.24 after coupon; originally $99

This dual-lens cam is designed to automatically power up when the car battery fires with a wide dynamic range technology that allows more delicate and clear images. Its night vision abilities boost visibility during night-time hours, in low-light conditions or in rainy weather, and there's even a parking assist monitor so drivers can see people or objects moving around the vehicle at all times. 

Car Dash Cam with Wi-Fi and App – $38.24 after coupon; originally $119

You can record scenic travel, traffic incidents, or any unexpected moments in complete 1080p resolution. You can also see live preview, playback, or even download videos when you connect to the accompanying app on your phone via built-in WiFi.

Safe Drive Dual Camera Car Dash Cam with Large Screen – $42.49 after coupon; originally $119

Between both the front and rear-facing cams, there's a lot to review here. Thankfully, the 4-inch IPS display lets you easily play back video from either source. You'll also enjoy the digital zoom feature, motion detection, a wide range, and more.

Cams under $250

Rexing V3 Dual Full HD WiFi Dash Cam – $143.65 after coupon; originally $199

While the Rexing V3 comes with all the video capture and recording features you'd expect, this compact system is also keeping an eye on your driving. With the Advanced Driver Assistance feature, the V3 will sound the alarm whenever you're drifting out of your lane or getting too close to the vehicle ahead of you.

FenSens Smart Wireless Solar Powered Backup Camera – $144.49 after coupon; originally $249

This backup cam attaches to your rear license plate as it feeds a live video stream of everything happening behind you straight to your phone. See the images, hear an alarm, or even feel a vibration from your phone if you're too close to something behind your vehicle. Plus, the whole system never needs its own electricity because it feeds entirely on solar power.

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