Great history of a 1983 illegal firework factory explosion

Webb's Bait Farm in Tennessee looked like garden-variety earthworm purveyors, but their side hustle manufacturing illegal fireworks turned into one of the deadliest industrial accidents in state history. Fascinating Horror has the deets.

At around 9:15am on the 27th of May, 1983, on a farm near Benton, Tennessee a powerful explosion took place. The blast was heard more than 32 kilometres (or 20 miles) away, and created a mushroom cloud the height of a six storey building. The site was all but levelled by the blast, and many workers present were instantly killed.

Fireworks are not something to be done with lax safety. Tultepec is Mexico's handmade fireworks epicenter, and they have had so many disasters that a movie was made about it:

Image: YouTube / Fascinating Horror