This 27-course mega-package is the ultimate 2021 coding introduction

"If you don't know how to program, you can carry on with a perfectly fine life. But this is going to change soon." –Annette Vee, author of Coding Literacy: How Computer Programming is Changing Writing

It may not happen tomorrow, but soon, learning to code will be as common a skill as reading. And it will inevitably be just as expected. Today, not knowing how to read is a crippling blow to someone's ability to get hired, advance in a career, and lead a normal life. In the not-too-distant future, those who don't know how to code will similarly have a disadvantage.

Since there's no one-size-fits-all path to coding literacy, it pays to have a well-rounded education in the vast realm of the programming arts. The Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle will help you achieve that education, with a heaping collection of virtually every major coding discipline a new programmer needs or will need to know.

With 27 courses, covering over 270 hours of in-depth content, this package features complete introductions to the the most popular coding languages, the most impactful tools, and the most in-demand disciplines for an emerging coder.

The most traditional path to learning programming begins with old-school HTML and CSS, the backbone page structure and styling at the center of most web projects. Courses like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: Certification Course for Beginners, JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp or PHP and MySQL: Certification Course for Beginners will help future coders learn how to build web pages with Java and JavaScript, form databases, and understand basic programming cornerstones.

If you're interested in ranging beyond Java coding, this package offers knowledge on Python, Ruby, and more in courses like The Complete C# Programming Course, 2020 Complete Ruby on Rails 6 Bootcamp, or Python for Everyone.

You'll also find specific training for some of the most popular coding pursuits, including courses like SwiftUI Apps for All Apple Platforms to get started building apps, The Ultimate Amazon Honeycode Guide: Build 7 Apps to learn about data entry, and Raspberry Pi Essentials and Extras for a glimpse into microcomputers and creating your own electronic projects with .

Of course, if you've got a more practical goal like getting hired as a programmer, courses like Complete Data Science Training with Python for Data Analysis and Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners serve as brilliant introductions to some of the most sought-after job skills needed by the industry today.

The collection also features a dozen more courses, all offering the most comprehensive coding bootcamp you'll likely find anywhere. All of this training is valued at nearly $3,800, but right now, it's available for just $59.99, less than $3 per course.

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