Get Black Friday savings on these everyday carry essentials from KeySmart

There used to be a name for people who carried around equipment that could handle almost anything at a moment's notice: Boy Scouts. Now, we're all carrying everyday essentials that will hopefully help us MacGuyver our way out of any sticky situation. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the fight against COVID. 

KeySmart has quickly become one of the most talked-about makers of EDC items — and with 2021 showing no signs of letting up, you might want to consider stocking up on some of KeySmart's most popular products, all designed to protect your health and those around you.

In addition to the discounts already included in the price of these everyday essential items, you can also take an additional 15% off the price of each as part of the Boing Boing Store's Pre-Black Friday Sale. Use the code SAVE15NOV during checkout to get the extra savings.

CleanKey Antimicrobial Brass Hand Tool – $16.99 after coupon; originally $24

CleanKey Mini Antimicrobial Brass Stylus 2-Pack – $14.44 after coupon; originally $19

The CleanKey helps make sure you never have to touch a contaminated surface like a door handle, a countertop, or a keypad. Made from an over 60 percent copper alloy, this inherently antimicrobial hand tool can hook right to your keychain and perform a host of duties, handling everything from pushing buttons to pulling levers to even signing your name on touchscreens.

Reducing your exposure to over 99.9 percent off all microorganisms like bacteria or viruses, you can go with the larger 3.6-inch original CleanKey or pair down to a 2-pack of the smaller 2-inch CleanKey Mini version.

CleanTray UV Light Sterilization Case – $59.49 after coupon; originally $79

Yep, your mobile phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. You can clean it up with this sterilization case that blasts your bacteria-draped phone with a cleansing UV-C LED light. Big enough to hold your phone or any number of small household items, this case kills 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria in just 5 minutes, twice as fast as other UV devices.

KeySmart Flex: 2 Pack – $11.04 after coupon; originally $20

KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location – $36.54 after coupon; originally $59

KeySmart Pro with Tile, CleanTray and CleanKey – $110.49 after coupon; originally $165

The KeySmart is the company's flagship item — and it's still an easy sell for anyone juggling a pocket full of keys. The KeySmart holds up to 10 keys in a handy stainless steel sleeve, organizing all those errant keys so they aren't poking you or getting lost. 

A 2-pack of the KeySmart Flex holds eight keys each. Meanwhile, the KeySmart Pro comes with the Tile Smart locator, a phone app that constantly tracks your KeySmart so your keys never disappear. Or you can get the full bundle that includes a KeySmart Pro with Tile as well as a CleanKey and a CleanTray.

KeyCatch Magnetic Key Rack: 6-Pack – $11.04 after coupon; originally $20

For those always forgetting where they put their keys, the KeyCatch wants to end the mystery once and for all. Designed with super strong neodymium magnets, KeyCatch sticks to virtually any flat surface and can hold up to three pounds, enough to support just about any keyring.

FogBlock Anti-Fog Solution for PPE Masks and Glasses – $11.04 after coupon; originally $14

Masks and glasses are a bad fit without this anti-fogging spray that'll clear all that mask exhaust right off your glasses. Just spray your lenses with this streak-free, non-toxic formula, let it dry for 5 minutes, and then enjoy no condensation for the next 24 hours.

CleanLight Air UV Air Purifier – $80.74 after coupon; originally $119

This portable purifier uses UV-C LED light to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs in spaces up to 160 square feet. With a 360 degree H13 HEPA filter, pollutants like smoke, dust, odors, pet dander, and air pollution pass through and are instantly obliterated. You can also add essential oils for aromatherapy or plug in a USB device to charge up while the unit purifies.

Urban 21 Commuter Bag – $158.09 after coupon; originally $239

Need somewhere to stash all your EDC items? The Urban 21 Commuter Bag has a place for everything while you're on the go. The backpack is chock full of pockets for stuff as big as laptops, sports a balanced construction to keep everything in place, and even has discrete anti-theft spaces with protective microfiber fleece, RFID blocking, and secret stashes for passports, wallets and other valuables.

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