Move over fat pants, Stove Top has fancy stuffing-inspired stuff for this Thanksgiving

Remember when Stove Top offered Thanksgiving dinner fat pants? Well, this year they're going more "fancy pants" with a new "Stuffy" collection of stuffing-inspired products. This five-piece collection includes a red velvet dinner jacket with a stuffing-print liner (unisex, $30), a reversible stuffing-print shawl ($11.50), a pocket square/handkerchief ($4.79), a "stuffed" headband ($7), AND my personal favorite, stufflinks (stuffing cufflinks set, $9.50). Sales start Tuesday, November 17 at 9 a.m. PST.

With nowhere to go and nowhere to be the past eight months, comfy clothes have become the exclusive wardrobe for Americans in quarantine. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and whether you're celebrating virtually or in-person, it's the perfect excuse to dust off your fancy clothes and make turkey dinner a formal affair. 

images via Stove Top/Steven Metzer